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buy buy baby vs babies r us


 just had a Buy Buy Baby go up near me & was wondering if anyone has been to one & how comparable are they to Babies R Us?


Re: buy buy baby vs babies r us

  • It depends.  I would say that BBB carries higher priced products and brands than BRU.  I also like BBBs customer service much better.

    BRU is good for clothing and gifts.  And, if they both carry the same item I think BRU might be less expensive.  But, BBB is in the same family as Bed, Bath & Beyond and I was actually able to use a 20% off coupon to buy our Britax Decathalon (which BRU doesn't even carry) and got it for cheaper than the Marathon was priced at BRU.


  • I think the selection and service at BBB is FAR superior.  The only problem (at least for me) is that, because there is only one, no one seems to be getting anything off my registry there.  BRU is more convenient because they are everywhere.  But everything I'm buying, I get at BBB - and they do take Bed Bath and Beyond coupons (I think they can't be expired).
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  • IMO - BuyBuyBaby has a larger (and sometimes better) selection and MUCH better Customer Service than BRU. However we registered at BRU instead b/c there aren't that many BBB's around the US so unless your friends and family live near one, it will be difficult for them to shop off of a registry (my only complaint about BBB is that their online shopping stinks). BRU is much more convenient for people and for the most part they carry a lot of the same things.
  • BBB just opened in Schaumburg, so now they have a Downers Grove location and the Schaumburg location.  I like BBB much better, the customer service is better, the store is cleaner and well organized.  Note that your coupons must be current, no expired coupons. 
  • Just went to the newly opened BBB last week and loved it.  Got a new pair of Pedipeds for dd and thought the store was very organized, clean and the staff was excellent.  Will be shopping there from now on instead of BRU.
  • i will say the employees at BBB know alot more than the one's at BRU. they were super helpful in our picking a stroller and the BRU people had no clue how things worked. I cannot wait for the BBB in Batavia to open in the next couple of months but would say that the downers grove store is bigger and has a better selection of things than the schaumberg store.
  • BBB is so much better than BRU in my opinion.  They are much more knowledgeable and friendly.  I also find them to be cheaper in almost every category, when comparing same brands/products.  BBB does carry more high end brands, so obviously those will be a little more expensive.  I did have some trouble with people not wanting to go there to pick up stuff from our registry.  I think it's just because they're still newer and there are fewer around and people are used to BRU, and think it must be better.  BBB in Downers is just as close to us as any BRU so I can't' see that being the issue.  Good luck, but definitely give BBB a try!
  • We bought our furniture from BBB.  They carry higher-end brands there than BRU, and while you'll definitely pay more for it, their furniture is MUCH sturdier than BRU's and of far better quality. 

    Totally worth it in our opinion, especially if you are planning on having your baby use it long-term.

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  • I have never been a fan of babies r us, so this is a little bias.  We live by the BuyBuyBaby in Downers Grove and LOVE it.  It's in a central area and I can do other things as well.  

    Anyways, they have a large selection and better quality brands and if they do not have in stock they will try to overnight it to you free of charge.

    Customer service is superb.  They train each associate in a specific department so they know the product well.

    We will be teetering between target and buybuybaby 

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