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6 wks preg, fetus is only 4w4d???

has this happened to anyone where your doc says that you are 6 wks preg according to your LMP but the fetus is smaller than that and only registers at 4w4d???

could it be that i ovulated late?

this is really worrying me. doc says to relax and come back in 11 days to recheck size of fetus.

Re: 6 wks preg, fetus is only 4w4d???

  • So this is my understanding...

    a 40 week pregnancy is counted from your last period. There is 2 weeks that is added on there b/c its difficult to determine the exact time of conception. For most, you ovulate at 14 days after your last period. This means that for 2 weeks, theres nothing. So when you're 40 weeks, the baby is actually only 38 weeks.

  • Yes, this happened with me too.  They took be back about a week and a half.  I was actually pretty sure that this was the case anyway, because I can usually tell when I'm ovulating.  Don't sweat it!  Best wishes for a happy & healthy nine (ten) months :0)
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