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What does your nausea feel like?

I can't tell if what I'm feeling is the onset of m/s or what? After I eat I usually feel a little off. I can't explain it. A few friends have always said that they feel hungover. Mine is not that bad, it isn't anywhere close to how I feel after a night of drinking. Just a little quesy I guess but not enough to effect my day. I'm still eating and everything. The only way I can explain it is that I feel "off".

How did your nausea feel?

Re: What does your nausea feel like?

  • Mine was a constantly slight quesy feeling, similar to say spinning around in circles and sitting down?
  • I feel hungover.  But it comes and goes.  I go from starving to nauseous to starving again so quickly.  Add in the fact that I have to chase a toddler and can't lay down or eat when I want and it's a party!

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  • mine is just alittle queasy all the time...kinda like the feeling that I just need to eat alittle and it should go away...but it doesn't.  And nor can I just eat all the time because if I eat DS thinks he should eat and he is not happy if he doesn't get a 'nack' when mommy has a snack!  :)
  • In the past few days, I've begun to feel queasy and the thought of certain foods makes it worse.  If this is all m/s turns out to be for me, I can deal with it.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't turn into full on puking.
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  • I'm only slightly queesy all day.  It's worse in the morning and when I drive in my car.  I'm guessng it will get worse and I am not looking forward to that!
  • Car sick all day long!!  Well, it has gotten a bit better.  At least, after eating I don't feel sick anymore. 
  • Mine was exactly the same way at first--I just felt a little off. Poor DH didn't understand what that meant and I couldn't describe it any other way! Now it's more like constant queasiness or car sickness, but still not terrible (no throwing up, thank goodness!).
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  • Mine comes and goes but sounds like yours, op.  It's mostly afternoon/evening time for me and I just feel 'blah' and "off" through the afternoon and into the evening.  Sometimes I don't get hungry for dinner until late after the nausea passes.  Sometimes I am starvingfeedmenow hungry.  

    Today was the first time that I had nausea in the AM but it wasn't run-to-puke nausea just general gross feeling, tummy kind of queasy and didn't feel right.
  • I would agree with your friends.... my best explanation is HANGOVER.
  • Sometimes I feel hungover. Other times I feel like everything is just sitting there in my belly, swooshing around, like it never "settles". But then I get reflux and heartburn. Although for two weeks I didnt even want to eat, at least now I can eat :)
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