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I desperately need advice.  I am 7 weeks pregnant and have no health insurance.  My husband's job offers insurance but the cost is way to high.  Medicaid denied us cause they say he makes too much money.  I don't think that is fair because all of the bills we have to pay.  What do I do? 

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  • You may just have to suck it up and pay for the insurance. I pay $50 a pay period and i have a $2500 deductible to meet before my insurance covers at 100%. So on top of all our bills, building a brand new home and having to front a lot of money for that..we have to pay all our OB bills until we meet $2500 dollars. It would have been $5000 but we decided to take my husband off the policy to lower the i worry constantly about him getting injured on the job...Insurance sucks, cant live with it , cant live with out it..
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  • Get your husband's insurance....ours is $645/month for family with not very good benefits.  I've looked into private insurance and they don't cover maternity until you had the plan for a few years.  Without insurance, my Csect (not planned!) would have cost me over $20K, I bet that insurance is looking a lot cheaper once you see that figure!  You never know when you are going to have complications like I did that required a more extensive Labor/Delivery experience.

    You may want to look into taking Dave Ramsey's financial really helps you get your finances/bills on track and out of debt.  It is offered at churches all over SC.

    Megan--Mommy to Owen 1.10.07 and Gibson 5.11.10
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