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My husband and I are planning to move to either NC or SC, I am seeking opinions on areas that are family friendly, great school systems, cultural (or close enough to do things), outdoor activities.

?What do you like best and least, did you grow up or move here?


Re: Moving to SC or NC

  • Where are you moving from?  I moved from New England (Boston area) to the Charlotte area and there is no comparison to all the things to do up North as opposed to here when it comes to culture or the outdoors.  Once my husband graduates from school we will be moving back up North.  I hear that the Raleigh area has more to do.  The schools are horrible in Charlotte unless you look at private, but Fort Mill, SC (a suburb of Charlotte) has better schools.  Good luck.  And really the only saving you get in the cost of living is if you own a home up North sell it and buy the same size home for half here.  The groceries, insurance, utilities, gyms, etc. are all more expensive.  It depends where you lived up North on whether the taxes are higher here also.  For me they are.
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  • I grew up in Greenville, Sc and still live here. I absolutely love it and wouldn't dream of moving away. There are decent schools in the area and tons to do. You close to the mountains, beach.. and if you miss the big city Atlanta is only a day trip away!
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  • Hello and Good Luck on your search.

     My husband and I are from baltimore, MD and we moved to Anderson, SC (population 25,000) two years ago. We absolutely love it and try everyday to talk our families into doing the same. It is a slight culture shock at first but people are incredibly nice and it is very family oriented. Everywhere you go there are children and we have no crime. We live about 2 minutes from Lake Hartwell which is the largest manmade lake in the country and they have boat rentals, beaches, fishing, hiking and bike trails. We are also about 10 min south of clemson which owns numerous hiking trails and mountain bike trails and we are about 1 hr south of the blue ridge mountains were you can find all the same things plus white water rafting and all that fun stuff.

     If you are looking to move south it depends on what you want. If you want the city life, charlotte NC, and Columbia, SC are going to be more like the north but the smaller cities like Anderson are Greenwood will over the real southern hospitality. Also if you go closer to the beaches it will have a lot more nothern traits.

    As for cost of living here it is incredibly cheaper. You can buy a house on a lake with 4br3ba for $200,000. Gas is about 2.35 a gallon and mile is 2.75 a gallon. Our taxes for our house were only $200 last year.

    Although Anderson is small we have every chain store and lots of restaurants so it's not like moving to the boone docks! If you want something bigger and more city but not like the north I would highly recommend Greenville. We love it there but it is too far of a commute for my work or we would have moved there.  It's beautiful and they have an awesome downtown with a river that run through the middle of it. They have recently put in a curfew of 10:00 pm for anyone under 18 in the city to keep it safe. It's wonderful.

     Sorry to make this so long. Hope this helps. If you have any questions please let me know!

  • I grew up in Anderson SC and currently live in Easley SC which is close enough to go to Greenville and I love the area. I have moved away and realized there is no place like home.
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