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Oswego Moms?

Hi! I just found this board, and I'm so excited to see some local posters!

I live out in Oswego, and I was wondering if anyone lives close.  We just moved out here last year, and don't know a lot of people.  

 I am looking forward to sharing ideas and information with you guys!

Re: Oswego Moms?

  • I don't post here very much, but I also live in Oswego and wanted to say hi and congratulations!  Where in Oswego are you?  You can PM me if you'd like!
  • if you're looking to meet other moms in your area, you should check out meetup.com. there are a ton of mom groups on there. i know there is a stroller strides group that meets at a park at hefenrichter and eola, and it seems they do a lot of activities in addition to the stroller strides classes.
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