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Average Day Care Cost

We are starting to look into daycare for our LO and I am wondering what a good rate is? What do you pay per day or week? Thanks!

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  • From the many I have researched the prices are around $200/week for four days per week.  I have seen much more expensive and I have seen cheaper, but that is about average from my research. 
  • What part of Metro Detroit are looking for it in?

    Also are you planning on doing in home or a center.

    I found that cost really varied based on these two things.  In my search I found everything from 120 to 350 a week.

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  • We pay $230/week and that includes breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks.  We go to a center in Canton.  The price drops once DD is out of diapers.
  • We are looking at an in home program that charges $45/day. I think that is reasonable, DH thinks its pricey.
  • 45 a day does seem a little pricey to me, that is 225 a week. I found centers that I was in love with for that price.  These centers where in the Novi, Wixom, and Livonia.  Depending on the location, facility and food program it might be worth it.  When DS was infant I didn't even think to ask about the food program as he got closer to eating table food, I realized I wasn't comfortable with what he would eat.  I started looking for new daycare.  I ended up getting laid off during my search, so DS never went to the center I loved.
  • DD starts in December and we will be paying $51/day for f/t.
  • We pay $30 a day, and that's in home. She does all meals. That's average in my area.
  • We found a place that we are considering and it's looking like 140/wk or

    35/day in St. Clair Shores (small in home group care)

  • We pay $245 for 5 days.  She goes from 7am to 6pm Monday-Friday.
  • for a infant in the clarkston area for 12 hours for a week it's $210.  for less than 5 days it's arounf $60 a day.  that was for 3 different centers.  when they are over a year it was a different at each place.  they supplied different things over a year.  we supply sheets, diapers, wipes and food.
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