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OB in Taunton area

I live in Taunton and work in Boston.  Hubby and I are looking to try to start getting prgenant.  Looking for an OB in the Taunton area but I do NOT want to go to Morton hospital.  Any insight?  Anyone know anything about Sturdy in Attleboro? Or would it make more sense to have the dr in Boston??? 

Re: OB in Taunton area

  • I ended up choosing an OB closer to work than to my home. Not far from my home like 30 mins, but I spend more time at my office and once you have to start going to OB every other week and every week it is nice to be able just to pop out of work for a break, instead of having to take time off for each appointment.

    I know how you feel about Morton though. DH and I hate it there and it is the closest to us. After visiting lots of options we ended up choosing Good Samaritan in Brockton. My SIL delivered in Boston with her first and had to sit in rush hour traffic to get there, so perhaps not the best option either unless you are high risk and need a specialist only available in Boston.

    Since you have time to choose I would look at the hospital first them for a list of OB's that practice there. GL

  • I live in Taunton also and work in Quincy and had NO intentions of stepping foot in Morton.  I chose crown ob/gyn in Quincy, mainly because it's right next to where I work.  They only deliver at South Shore Hosp.  They have been great at Crown ob/gyn so far and I am so glad I switched there.  ( My old ob/gyn was in Brookline)  Their offices are right off the highway and they also have an office in Brockton, so it would be right on your way into work/on your way home.  There was no way that I was going to try and fight traffic to deliver in Boston, nor go for my monthly ckeckups.  I figure I may get stuck in traffic to get to Weymouth, but it's alot closer than Boston and can take back roads if needed.  Also they have a level 3 NICU incase anything were to happen to the baby.  Sorry for the late reply, but I hope this helps!
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