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Cerclage Question?

For those who have had to have a cerclage, when you get it, do you need to take time out of work if so how long? Were you able to work until your due date or did you have to go on bed rest?


Re: Cerclage Question?

  • I had 2 emergency cerclages, first at 21 weeks with twins and second was at 23w6d with my youngest son.  I was on bedrest at 18 weeks with my twins so I had already been out of work.  With my youngest I had the cerclage a few days after I was done with school for what was supposed to be the summer.  I was on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy with the twins; I also went into PTL with them.  With Chris I was on bedrest for 4 weeks after the cerclage.
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  • My cerclage in February was an emergency and I was on strict bedrest for 8 weeks (story in siggy-not a good outcome).

     I just had a transabdominal cerclage placed (it is permanent).  I took a week of work to recover from the surgery.  I should not have to go on bedrest in a future pregnancy.  However my cervix is only about 1.6 cm with the new cerclage so I'm hopefully but not counting out bedrest in a future pregnancy.  With the permanent cerclage it should not matter how short the cervix is when the cerclage is in place so I'm hopeful.

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  • I had my cerclage put in as an emergency at 17 weeks.  I was out of work for one week after.  My dr let me decide if I wanted to go back to work or not.  I went back to work as soon as he cleared me to avoid losing FMLA time, and have been working 40 hours ever since. 

    So far she is doing great, and I have been really comfortable.  He is going to take it out at 37 weeks.  I am guessing she is going to come as soon as he removed it because she is already head down, but plan on working up until she arrives.

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  • I had a rescue cerclage at 21.5 weeks, so I was on BR the duration of my pg which was only 10 weeks from placement.

     HOWEVER I just had the conversation with my OB about pregnancy and she told me that I would have one placed at 13 weeks Should we decide to have another baby and that I was more than likely NOT looking at BR, besides the mandatory couple days after my surgery.

  • I had a emergency cerclage at 23 weeks, then was put on bedrest for a week.  Once I made it to 32 weeks my peri put me back on bedrest for two more weeks just to make sure I made it longer.  Stitches came out at 36 weeks and I was enduced at 38 weeks and worked until the end.  My peri told me for DC #2 I will have a cerclage done about 15 weeks.  So far all I know is I have to take time off after but I'm not sure how long but I hope since its planned it's not more than a few days.  I want to save my FMLA time for after the baby arrives. 
  • I had a rescue placed and was on stict BR for 14w.  The cerclage came out at 34w and I was induced at 38w
  • Thanks ladies, it is so hard I asked my dr. today and they said if they feel i need one they will do it around week 13 and it should be really simple but they are not convinced that I need one, I just don't want to have to have an emergecny one, and then be out. I am hopefully changing jobs soon, and don't want to go out until the baby is born.
  • I had an emergent one with DS at 23w3d and was pretty much out on bedrest until I delivered DS at 38 weeks.

     This time, I had a preventative cerclage at 14 weeks. I was only out a few days and then returned to work. There is no discussion of bedrest at this point. I am getting bi-weekly cervical checks. My dr. said I will only go out on bedrest if I start having contractions (have a history of PTL) because otherwise the cerclage will do its job! good luck! I

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