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High-Risk Pregnancy

Failed the 3 hour glucose test

I'm bummed. This is going to sound stupid, but, I didn't realize that made me high risk.


Re: Failed the 3 hour glucose test

  • I'm sorry you failed  :(  FWIW, my ob didn't consider me high risk since I was diet-controlled.  I still hung out on this board anyway - great support!
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  • Thanks! I haven't talked to anyone yet. I got the call from my doctor's office today and even though they said my numbers are borderline, they refer all GD to another office.
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  • i had no clue i was considered High Risk until i someone on the 3rd tri mentioned to me to start asking questions here..

    I just think there are different levels of high risk, we are b/c if we dont follow what we're suppose to eat -the baby is at danger. We arent if we do what we are suppose to. 

  • My doctor said it doesn't necessarily make you "high risk" but if you are put on meds or insulin then you go to high risk status.
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