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Post your favorite healthy, high protein snack

I'm just need new ideas.  I'm getting tired of peanut butter, string cheese, cottage cheese, etc.


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Re: Post your favorite healthy, high protein snack

  • i'm sick of almost all those same things. i don't know if i can ever get sick of cottage cheese though :)

    i put ground flaxseeds into/onto everything i can think of (salads, yogurt, baked into muffins, etc).

    i switched from peanut butter to almond butter. that helped a little with the boredom factor. and from regular yogurt to greek style>>it has tons more protein.


  • soy nut butter


    whole milk yogurt

    shrimp cocktail


    scrambled eggs with Mrs. Dash and some shredded cheese

    ants on a log (celery with p.b. and raisins)

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  • carnation instant breakfast, egg salad and whole wheat crackers, chili, turkey strips
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  • hummus and pitas!
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