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Shameless AW

I am so proud of my little girl. She is learning so much at school.

Link to video:

Granted I know she skips a bunch of numbers and seems a bit in love with what sounds like the number 7, but I love that she is trying to count. 

Re: Shameless AW

  • OH.MY.GOSH!  How freaking sweet (and smart) is she!  Love her!!  We miss you guys!

    ETA - Michael was "sleeping" on the couch and heard the video and said "who is that??"  I told him Caroline, and he said, wow she is so smart!!! 

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  • Holy crap!  I'd be shameless too! :o)
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  • OMG that is awesome!

    Look at Miss Caroline couting! 

  • Oh!!  That's AWESOME - I'd be shamelessly AWing all over the place too!  :D  Yay Caroline!

    Can't wait to see you guys in November!  I hope we can have lunch, or something!

  • Stupid work computer won't play it.

    Miss you and Smartie Pants :)

  • How smart is she!! WOW! That is just the most precious thing ever!
  • That is absolutely precious!
  • That is so cute! What a smart little girl!
  • fabulous! i love her clapping at the end :)
  • YAY, Croline! Too cute!! 
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