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CD3 Work Up

So, what is involved?  My ob/gyn wants me to come in next cycle for CD3, CD10 work up.  I am concerned since my period is always on time and CD3 and CD10 will be on Saturdays.  Can these tests be done on CD2 and CD9?
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Re: CD3 Work Up

  • My RE uses day 2 labs to test the hormones they look at.

    However she should be able to send you to an outside lab vs coming to her office and those labs have weekend hours.

  • I think they can do it on CD2 but my RE has special hours on the weekends.  I think many of them do because procedures can be done on the weekends too.
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  • It's just a blood test.  I had mine done w/my Ob/Gyn and she said it can be done a day early if needed. 

    Good luck to you:)

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