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BIG AW: My WW weigh in...

This is my 1st week back, thus my first official weight loss weigh in...are you ready...

sitting down....


My mom asked if i got one of my boobs cut off (jokingly, oh how i wish!)

Re: BIG AW: My WW weigh in...

  • Way to go! That's awesome!
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  • That is awesome Emily! Do share your tips to success? What workouts are you doing?
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  • Actually...i didn't work out this week at all.  I have been going to the Y and taking some classes, but I can't seem to fit it in right now. 

    Here's some of my tips...and I did have to share in the mtg too:

    Quit eating my daughter's leftovers..i was notorious for this

    Always eat fav one this week a homemade egg mcmuffin. Thomas' 100 calorie muffin 1pt, 1/4 cup egg white beaters 1pt and 1oz cheese 1pt. I also sprinkle in crushed red pepper flakes.  I also made a black bean and salsa omlet one morning too ~4 pts

    Use smaller cups and plates AND utensils...I used one of darren's spoons to eat my jello pudding fat free cup and it lasted MUCH longer

    Drink Drink Drink water...big glass before every meal at least

    I ate spaghetti squash two nights this week...i actually did a lot of vegitarian stuff. Roasted eggplant and sweet potato...but i like eat the WHOLE thing a whole eggplant and a whole sweet potato (minus a few cubes for Doodle's dinner)

    Sit down at the table when i eat...i like to shove stuff in my mouth while I'm in the in the kitchen

    do not order take out when hubby does

    That's all i can think of for now :-)

  • Awesome--good for you!
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  • That's awesome!!!!!  And inspiring...I have made some changes to my diet in the last week or so and the dang scale has not MOVED.
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  • That is great! Way to go.
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  • Great job!

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  • Wow! That's awesome, Emily!!! Way to go!
  • Congrats!! Good for you!
  • Yay Emily!! That is awesome!!
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  • imagesoon2b3:

    I ate spaghetti squash two nights this week...i actually did a lot of vegitarian stuff. Roasted eggplant and sweet potato...but i like eat the WHOLE thing a whole eggplant and a whole sweet potato (minus a few cubes for Doodle's dinner)

    This is so great Emily.   My WW team leader used to always say, "No one is here because they ate too much broccoli".  

    Congrats and keep up the good work.   ::clap, clap, clap::   

  • Yes  Congrats!
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  • YAY!!!!! I haven't decided if we can afford for me to go back to WW, but I do miss it...where do you go?
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  • That is awesome!  Go girl!!
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  • WOW! That is really awesome! Way to go!
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  • Woot!! ?Great news!!!
  • Woooooohooooooooooooooooo!!!! YAY Emily that is awesome! 
    (and reminds me that since I started following WW today I prolly ought to go weigh myself!)
  • Yay for you!!! This is AWESOME!!!

    I"m doing WW too, but had slacked off.  I'm back now officially, so keep the good news coming--it inspires me:)

  • Btw, I just saw where you offered to be my ww buddy!!  Thank you Emily, that is so sweet.  Let's do it. 

    So, what do we do in order to be WW buddies?

  • yay yay yay!!  That is so wonderful!  Good for you.  I am back on WW to lose the last 20 lbs!
  • Thanks everyone!  I am proud, but weary...since I leave for a week vacation to FL (including Disney) in a few days.  My goal for vacation is to not gain any back. 
  • I just wanted to add some other stuff/tips of my great 1 week experience :-)

    one night i REALLY wanted a hamburger and french fries (thanks to my DH ordering out).  So instead, I made a boca burger (my fav veggie burger) w/ pickles and lettuce and ketchup - just how I like. I made a baked potato with FF sour cream and cheese and a side of steamed broccoli.  I was going to put my hamburger on a bun, but the buns we had were like 4 points...for a freakin BUN.  So i just ate it off the plate.  Seriously I was STUFFED and very satisfied for about 5 points.

    I even went out to eat 3 times last week.

    One time I went to Little Azio's. Instead of ordering my OWN personal size pizza and sharing a salad.  I ordered my own salad (dressing on the side) and shared a small pizza with my girlfriend and doodle.  I only ate 2 slices of pizza and I didn't eat doodle's crusts (TMI?)

    One time I went to Einstein's Bagels and mine has new Lite items that are listed as 400 calories or under. I got an Ancho Chicken wedge and it was really pretty good.  Could I have eaten 4 of them, probably...but I didn't.

    One time I went to Jason's Deli, one of Doodle's favorite.  Instead of my usually panini sammy, I ordered the Turkey Rubeun sandwich which I've had before and actually really like.  Ate the WHOLE THING.  It's only 10 points.  I got the steamed veggies instead of chips too.  I also didn't eat an ice cream cone. 

    Finally...I EVEN ate one of my favorite all know..the pumpkin scone.  It's "only" 11 points, but I ate one.  And you know what I ENJOYED it so much more.  I took it home...sat in my house (not eating it in the car) and enjoyed EVERY LAST BITE. 

    I sooo didn't feel deprived and was very proud of my choices...I'm hoping to keep it up. 

    Sorry so long...

  • AWESOME!  Great job......
  • That's terrific, Danielle!! Keep up the good work!! :)
  • congrats!! Whoo hooo!
  • That is awesome!!  Congrats!
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  • WTG!!  I love WW!  I have lost the weight I gained during pregnancy and then some with WW.  It is the best! 


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  • OMG, THAT'S AWESOME!!! Yahoo!!!!


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  • That is great!! Congrats!!  :)

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