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Thanks for your response re: traveling. Question - why did you pay for a plane seat for a 3 month old? Was it a really long flight? I just assumed no one really bought seats until the child was 2....
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  • We did because we were bringing the seat and we thought we'd have to use it at our destination more.  Plus then we could let her chill by herself and wouldn't have to hold her the whole time.  Either way of flying is fine really.  It's personal preference.  When they are little like that I'd much rather hold them the whole flight.  when they are toddlers,  they don't want to be held the whole time and it's wise to bring the carseat so they can sit on their own.  You don't have to hold them.  You just have that option until they are 2,  then yes they have to have their own seat. 
  • If you don't buy a seat for him, ask them at the gate if there are any extra seats.  Alot of times there are, and if you ask they will let you use it for free.  There weren't any on our flight, but I have heard several others say this happened for them. 


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