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So I just had a visit with the OB, and she stripped my membranes again (which btw, didn't hurt for me at all, just a little pressure, but I know it's different from person to person) and sent me home hoping to see me in a few hours. Please send lots and lots of labor dust. She said she stripped them as much as she could and really did her best to get things going, so I'm REALLY REALLY hoping that it takes this time. Any baby arrival thoughts would be greatly appreciated! If it doesn't work in the next couple of days, I'll be induced next week.

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  • Do lots of walking!!!  I ended up being induced so I'm sending you lots of labor dust!
  • Wow...is there something wrong with you or the baby?  Why would they be inducing this soon?!  Are you aware that up to 70% of first time mothers who are induced end up with a cesarean?  This is typically because if your body and baby were ready to be in labor, well...you'd be in labor.  I am so sorry that they are messing with nature this way.  :(  I hope that all works out well.
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  • If you had read or be reading any of the previous information that I've posted, you would know that this entire pregnancy has been one endless string of health problems, for both me and the baby. I will not explain to you the situation, simply because I am confident that you don't care what the situation is, and will just continue to push your natural birth propaganda.  That being said, I don't appreciate your "being sorry" for messing with nature. It eludes that my physician doesn't know what they are doing, and nor do I.I have done my research, and I am VERY comfortable with my choices, both in terms of my physicians whom I trust completely and the hospital I am going to (which you have openly bashed on the board repeatedly). If you had any interest in me personally, or my birth story, I'm certain you would have been around responding to several previous posts about my "conventional" birth choices and making certain that I felt guilty over having my baby at Beaumont and with an epidural. Please keep your opinions to yourself unless you know me personally and aware of the situation at hand. (Like much of the other wonderful and supportive ladies on the board.)
  • Well said.  I hope that post didn't upset you too much (it's not me and I found it upsetting)... although maybe that could help you go into labor.  Stick out tongue  Good luck!
  • Ha ha ha. My blood is only boiling a bit. Big Smile Thanks!
  • GL!  I hope you go into to labor on your own.  Please don't take this as being preachy or judgemental, because it isn't ment to be that way at all. No matter what in the end you with have a prefect little baby. 

    I was in shoes very similar to yours almost exactly a year ago.  I had an induction at 39 weeks at Royal Oak Beaumont, due to pg complications. I had a failed induction and ended up with an emergency c/s.  I don't regret my choice to be induced, what I do regret is not thinking about how I wanted a c/s to go.  If you haven't talked to your doctor about what you would like to happen if you ended up having to have a c/s, please do so.  You seem like you know what you are getting into, so please ignore me if you have had this conversation already. 

    A few things that I would changed or at least talked to my ob about before the the procedure.

    -Who will cut you LO cord, I have no idea who did. I really wanted to DH to do it.

    -Pictures, I have no pictures of DS all gooey and new.  I get sad every time I see someone with these pics.

    -If you water breaks before they do the c/s, request antibiotics to prevent infection.  I got a pretty serious infection because this wasn't done.

    -Ask you doctor if they can be sure to tell you info about what is going with you LO.

    My DS had trouble breathing and I didn't get to see or hold until he was like 5 or 6 hours old. Bring 2 cameras if you have them, DH would run up to the NICU and take pictures and videos of DS.  He would bring the camera with new stuff on it down to me in recovery and take the other one up with him. We didn't plan on having 2 cameras there, but I am really happy we did.

    There where many positive things about my failed induction, but many negatives things as well. Also lot of things I wished I had known.  I have 3 other friends with similar stories from Beaumont and failed inductions.

    Please keep us posted, I have been following your updates and remember to trust your gut. 

  • I agree with AlmostMrsF

    We all know where you stand on certain issues. You have a right to your opinion but please stop trying to influence the rest of us or make us feel bad for OUR birth choices. Yes a lot of us our first time moms to be and we don't know what to expect for our first time with labor but please let us be able to talk about what we decide to do without people coming on here and bashing it. I won't speak for everyone but I for one have trust in my doctors and what they feel is best for both the baby and I. You don't now MrsF but I have met her - she is very intelligent and knows what she is doing.

    MrsF I wish you the best with labor and I am so excited that you get to meet your little girl soon. ETA you also have a pm!


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  • Good luck to you! I am sending lots of labor dust your way and I hope you go into labor very very soon!

    BTW, I was induced with both of my kids and everything worked out fine. Just stay positive, you are doing great!

    Now go and have sex with your DH to speed things up:-)

  • Your birth experience ... is just that: YOUR experience. There is more than one way to have a healthy baby, and I bet if you lined up a dozen babies, children, teens, adults, etc., you wouldn't be able to tell who was born via c-section and who wasn't.

    I feel like all doctors get bad rap for pushing drugs or c-sections. I was in labor for nearly 20 hours and no one ever mentioned a c-section as a choice or option.

    And I had no birth plan--other than to have a healthy baby.

  • Lots of labor dust to you! Walking helped me a lot too! Good Luck!
  • AlmostMrsF- good luck and hopefully this baby gets here soon!!  And good for you for standing up to mammamayl.  I'm getting so sick of her always bashing modern medicine.  Obviously she didn't get my message before in her last post bashing our area hospitals.  The whole natural approach works for some, but it's not for everyone and it comes with its own share of risks.  While it works for some, it doesn't work for everyone.  Deliveries can turn ugly really fast.  My personal thinking- you do everything possible during your pregnancy to stay healthy and do what's best for your baby, so why put them or you in potential danger during the actual delivery.  It's better to intervene when there looks to be a possible problem, then do nothing about it and end up with either you or the baby in a life or death situation.  Childbirth use to have a very high mortality rate, so obviously our bodies don't always know exactly what to do


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  • Sending labor dust your way!  Good luck!
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