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questions about freezing BM

when you freeze milk do you pump and put it right in the freezer or if you have some milk in the fridge that is a couple days old that you aren't going to use can you freeze that too? 

Re: questions about freezing BM

  • I have 3 fridge storage bottles which I rotate out.  I usually put cold bm in freezer bags and then into the freezer, and the fresh milk into the fridge.
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  • I am storing milk in bigger quantities now, so I might save a few small pumps and freeze them all together.  Is that what you are asking?

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  • Once I fill a bag I put it in the freezer. I don't keep any in the fridge. If I need it I can quickly defrost it from the freezer.
  • I pump @ 6am and by the time I freeze it's late (11pm).

    I *try* to freeze that day (why? I don't know.... part of me feels that it's like meat.... if you aren't going to use it, freeze it when it's fresh)


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  • I usually will pump and put it in a freezer bag immediately if I intend to freeze the milk.  Obviously if I'm pumping at work then I refrigerate the milk until I get home and then pop it right into the freezer.  If I'm at home then I just put it directly into the freezer.  I agree with PP.  I prefer to freeze that day or at least by the next day.
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