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Did you go on birth control while BF?

Hello - I just got back from my 6 week PP checkup and my OBGYN gave me the option to go back on BC if I wanted. I think she suggested the mini-pill. However, I'm kinda thinking that I might wait a few months before going back on. I understand that BF isn't 100% going to protect us from getting PG again but I kind of like the idea of not having a period for a few more months.

WWYD? Thanks!

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Re: Did you go on birth control while BF?

  • Going on the mini-pill is not going to cause you to get your period.

    There is not a week of placebo pills on the mini-pill.  My son is 5 months old today, I have been on the mini-pill since 4 weeks pp and Aunt Flo hasn't shown her ugly face yet.

  • No.  One, because I didn't like the idea of any hormones while BFing; two, because I don't like the way I reacted to coming off of the pill; and three, it does affect some women's supply and that was not a risk I was willing to take.

    AF still has not returned but we use condoms just in case.  Once I get my cycle back, I'll chart to avoid and use condoms when I'm fertile.

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  • I have been on the mini pill since I was 6 weeks PP and I have not gotten a period yet.  DD will be 11 months on Saturday.  It has not affected my supply either.
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  • the mini pill won't give you periods like a regular pill as there aren't placebo pills to take.

    That being said, we just use condoms. I have hormonal issues as it is and don't want to take the pill.

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  • You won't get AF from going on the mini-pill.  That said, I was on the mini-pill for about 2 months-it didn't affect my supply but (this may be TMI), it caused me to be very dry down there which meant there was no chance of me getting pg anyway b/c it was too uncomfortable to do anything!!  So I went off the mini-pill and things greatly improved.  I've debated going back on it again but haven't done it yet.  In the meantime, we use condoms sometimes but right or wrong, we're mostly just taking our chances. 
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  • No because I didn't want to do hormonal BC again.  I got Paragard IUD.  It's been fantastic!
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