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Very Low TSH and hyperthyroid...

Has anyone here had thyroid issues appear while pregnant? If so, does anyone know what I shoudl expect and if I should be worried at this point?

I just got a call from my OB saying that my TSH has gone from being on the verge or normal (been having ups and downs with thyroid/TSH for years) to being very low and now I'm having more tests done to see if my T3 levels are high (T4 looks good). He then will talk to an specialist to see how to diagnose and treat thyroid issues in pregnancy, since I cannot have scan done.

I'm trying not to be nervous, but I really know very little about the combination of thyroid issues and pregnancy and what little I read scared me a little!

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Re: Very Low TSH and hyperthyroid...

  • I had thyroid issues before pregnancy but have been monitored very closely since becoming pregnant (I have no thyroid gland at all anymore having had it removed years ago). Pregnancy will screw up your thyroid levels quite well and you should have blood draws often. Before 20 weeks, the baby will take a lot of your thyroxine so you can become hypo at the point. After 20 weeks the baby begins to produce their own thyroxine so any meds may need to be adjusted again.

    What a low TSH indicates to me is that you have plenty of thyroxine in your system and they may need to adjust the amount of thyroxine in your blood. If you are on meds now, its a simple reduction of your dose. If you are not on meds, there are good drugs that help to lower what you naturally produce. Do not be nervous, it will be ok. However, I would insist on seeing a specialist as it seems your doctor is not experienced in treating thyroid disease in pregnancy. I see a perinatologist who is well versed in thyroid disease and its effects on my and the baby. I would definitely advise you to get a referral to whoever he is consulting with. Good luck!!

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  • I have an overactive (hyper) thyroid and other than contributing to awful morning sickness it hasn't caused any issues. I do have a difficult time gaining weight in pregnancy and dropped pregnancy weight very fast after having DD#1 but otherwise it didn't and hasn't caused complications. I did have a tough time eating enough to breastfeed though because the overactive thyroid burned up those calories as fast as I could eat them. My perinatologist does not recommend medicating me during pregnancy so I do go off meds for the 9 mos. (well, I've never made it to 9 mos pregnant, but for the duration of the pregnancy anyway.)
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