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Anyone have success after trying a higher lovenox dose?

Hello everyone. In short, we are dealing with IF (on my part) and I have had four losses, two of which were multiples. We lost our triplets at 9 weeks on July 19th.  I am Hetero FVL and Hetero MTHFR C677t.  My RE contributes my losses to my thrombophilias. I was on 40mg Lovenox/day with my second, third (c/p) and fourth loss in addition to BA and the extra folic (4mg/day). 

When we cycle again, we are going to try 80mg/day of lovenox instead of 40mg.  Also, I start my lovenox early, at 3dp HCG trigger shot (which is about 1dpo).   My triplets was the first time we tried this (starting lovenox early) and I can't help but think it may have helped us get farther. My first and second pregnancies were barely 6 weeks and my third was early, a c/p. 

I just wanted to check and see if anyone had prior losses on one dose of lovenox but then success once they tried a higher dose.  Also would love to hear success stories of starting lovenox prior to implantation. Oh yea, and I am also now on 2000mg Metformin/day for PCOS.


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Re: Anyone have success after trying a higher lovenox dose?

  • I have not. I was on it with DD and it was only precautionary so I was on the smaller dose. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your losses and I hope this larger dose works for you. Good luck. :)

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  • I've always been on 80 mg twice/day since TTC. When I switched Dr's, my new OB thought that was too high and checked to see if I was therapeutic and I was right in range. My perinatal mentioned to me that many OB's do not prescribe high enough doses to keep you at a therapeutic level. I had one miscarriage a few months prior to this pregnancy (still I was on 80mg twice/day) but couldn't know if it was due to my homozygous factor 5 or not.

    I'm so sorry for your losses. I just can't imagine how much emotional pain you've been through. I truly hope you get your miracle soon! GL!

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