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I was just wondering what words or anything cute the Summer 2008 babies are saying/doing now that they are all a year old!

Caroline now says Uh-Oh, ball, and bye-bye.  I love when she says bye-bye b/c she has such a cute little voice!  She also makes the hoo-hoo noise for the dog barking.  The funniest thing is when you ask her if she has taken a poo-poo she shakes her head yes - no matter if she has or not.  And if you ask her where the boogies are she will grab her nose.  It cracks us up everytime!

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Re: Summer 2008 babies

  • Elizabeth is a real chatterbox, and she understands more than she says.  She gets super excited when DH comes home; she hears his car in the driveway and starts squealing "Dada!"

    She's also fascinated with her toes and loves to "show piggies" to anybody and everybody.

    I keep thinking that every age she hits is my new favorite, but I'm really enjoying these early toddler days, with the exception of the biting.

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  • Noah says momma, dadda, ball, bottle, dog, hi and bye bye, "no" is his new word and he shakes his head, and the two cutest right now are

    we we we we.... (to the piggy song, we we we we all the way home)

    and ee i ee i oooo... to old mcdonald  

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  • Reid is saying Dada, ball, bye bye, baby, bubble (see a pattern here...we love "B" words), up and milk. He's also said Mama...but not in a while :( I do love that he's running around the house now (mostly chasing after his big brother) and enjoying the fact that they can now play together...
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  • Colin is a little sponge and has learned a lot recently.

    He says mama, dada, hi, cool and uh-oh. He understands everything I tell him to do within reason. If I tell hime to go pick up the red ball he can do it.

    He does what we call monkey face, 'jumps' spins, dances, 'talks on the phone' he is obsessed with brushing his hair with my brush. He is a total trip.

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  • Polly says mama, dada, NO!, duck, and thank you.

    She likes to get on the big slides at the park.  She loves climbing stairs.  I played that Beyonce video for her on youtube and she danced and wanted to see it again.  I guess that video is baby dance crack or something. 

  • Tess now says mama, Emma, daddy, milk, Honey and Pap (my parents), and Herman, bye and hello.  It's so cute how she says Honey and Herman, the h is like a huff and then she says the end of the word, ex. huh-KNEEEEEEEE!!!  She can also quack for a duck, woof for a dog and roar for a dinosaur but she will NOT moo for a cow.  And she snorts, she wrinkles up her nose and snorts all the time.  My MIL said dh's sister used to make the same face. 

    Right now one of the cutest things though, or at least I think so, is that she loves to read books.  But, she wants to sit on the book while I read it.  It's quite the challenge, lol.

    The not cute thing is tantrums.  They just started and are amazing.  She'll walk out into the middle of the floor so she has plenty of room to lie down, on her back, propped up on her elbows, head thrown back, and kick her feet and scream.  It's hilarious in a 'wtf happened to my sweet baby' kind of way.  Let's hope those pass soon.

  • HC is the Babble Queen of Orlando, I'm convinced; she never shuts up!  And she's finally, finally walking/running/staggering all OVER the place--just this week it seemed to all come together for her motor skills.  She's also in the midst of learning how to throw a nice temper tantrum when she gets frustrated that she can't do/get something, but still easy to redirect.  She nods her head yes and also says "yeah" sometimes--but much more often it's "no"!  She has this GREAT little cackle; makes everyone around her laugh as well, so really a good skill to have on airplanes. :)  "Da-da" is universal for Dada, doggie, and almost anything else with a "d" sound.  So much development; it's hard to keep up!
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