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Bicornuate Uterus-am I high risk.....

Hi, I had a miscarriage at the end of August and we are about to TTC again this month. My question is I was diagnosised (not officially by doing a HSG test) by a ultrasound that I have a bicornuate uterus.My doctor did not say this was the reason why I had the m/c, but you can never rule it out. He is not having me have any tests done yet to see what type of bicornuate uterus I have.....I am 35 and worried that I will have another loss.

 I was wondering if any one else has this or if they were told that they would be high risk or any other complications due to this shape of uterus.

Thanks for your time and have a good night!

Re: Bicornuate Uterus-am I high risk.....

  • One of my friends had a procedure to correct hers before she got pregnant... not sure if that is an option? I do not know too much about it though.
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  • I have a bicornuate, and there are varying degrees of severity.  The middle wall of mine almost touches my cervix, completely closing off one side and leaving the other side just barely open. I almost have a complete double uterus.  I was diagnosed by CT scan while looking for something else, then had an MRI for a little better picture, and finally had a scope so my doctor could look for himself.

    Typically bicornuates are considered high risk for pre-term babies due to the lack of space.  The middle wall is just the same as the outer wall of the uterus and there just isn't much room.  If you have a septate utuerus, the dividing wall is fibrous tissue that can be removed - like pp said.  Septates tend to have a greater chance of early m/c if the baby tries to implant in the septum where there's no blood flow.

    My doctor recommended IVF so that he could place the baby where it would have the best chance, but I just don't know if I want to go through IVF.  He said he's seen plenty of bicornuates get pregnant on their own and have perfectly normal pregnancies. 

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  • I have it, but am not considered high risk at all (at least for that reason) and they aren't doing any extra monitoring because of it.  It totally depends on the shape of the uterus and where the baby is.  I wouldn't freak out (or google too much) unless the doctor gives you a reason to.
  •   Like the pp said, there are many degrees of bicornuate uterus. I'm not sure what degree mine is, as I was supposed to have some tests done before I got pregnant again and oops! I delivered my son at 39 weeks and am now 30 weeks with twins.

      It was a minor issue in my last pregnancy as it caused my uterus to be very irritable since it doesn't like to stretch and expand as a normal uterus. and I did have some issues with preterm labor in my early third tri. It has been more dificult to deal with in this pregnancy as you can imagine.

     Good luck and I wish you the best. :)

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  • I got pregnant with my first in my first month of trying.  I didn't know about my bicornuate vs septate uterus until my first U/S.  I am seeing a high risk OB to monitor my progression, but continue to see my regular OB as well. 

    The high risk comes in because like another poster said, the baby has less space to grow.  I was told I am high risk for premature labor, small baby, and breech position.

    Good luck to you!!!



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  • I also have a bicornuate uterus and again, do not know the severity of it.  I got pregnant without any issues and the baby seems to be growing normal so far (I'm 23w 4d).

    I had a Level 2 Ultrasound and the head of obstetrics at the hospital said that it didn't look to be an issue.  I'm going to continue to see my midwife until issues arise.  I was also seeing an OB but he was horrible. He guaranteed that I would have preterm labor, a small baby and an incompetent cervix. When I asked why he thought these things, he replied "because that's the way it is". Not exactly a great answer, IMO. 

    I wish you the best of luck TTC. Hopefully the previous miscarriage was not related to your uterus.  

  • Hello, thank you for taking time to answer my questions. I am not sure what type of Bicornuate Uterus I have, I did not have any further testing since I got pregnant after my first month of TTC. My doc. did not think my m/c was because of the uterus shape, my numbers never doubled and were low. I am going to believe that things will be ok when I get pregnant doc. will monitor me and extra ultra sounds at this point sounds great!! I think if I am still not having any luck or if I m/c again I will go for further testing. Thank you again and I wish you all lot's of happiness!
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