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Pre-eclampsia test! Eep! (venting)

So, my blood pressure's been creeping up on my last few visits.  I'm hardly swollen at all, have not had headaches or blurred vision, and I've kept reasonably active.  I did develop pre-eclampsia with my last term pregnancy, lo those many years ago... (24 years ago) it was awful and obvious, and I needed to be induced at 39 weeks.

So, my doctor had me do some bloodwork after my appointment yesterday, and is having me come in again tomorrow to discuss the results, whatever they turn out to be.  He seems pretty convinced that we'll need to induce, because of my rising blood pressure, the growth issues with the baby so far, and nutrition concerns because of my two-vessel cord. 

He's a light, cheerful guy, and he's playing it up as not such a big deal, but I am really disappointed!  I was really hoping to go natural this time, and I know that induction without an epi is a one-way ticket to lots of big pain.  I'm readjusting my expectations to include an epidural, but now I'm frightened that I might need a c-section!  Do not want!  He knows I really want to avoid it, and he thinks we should be able to get by without one, but seriously... DO NOT WANT!

So, it's possible that after my appointment 10:30 tomorrow morning, he'll have me admitted.  If you don't hear from me for a while, it means I'm in the hospital.  Wish me luck, just in case!

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Re: Pre-eclampsia test! Eep! (venting)

  • Oh man!  That sucks!  My doc is monitoring me as well - I had to have some bloodwork done last week and the 24 hour urine sample (which they haven't called me about yet).  My doc  put me on modified best rest - I can still work, but have to be off my feet at home.  My BP really hasn't been bad, but creeping up as well.  I have an appointment tomorrow so I'll find out the results of everything.

    Hope everything works out the way you want it to - but of course the important thing is that your LO is healthy.  I too want to go natural and do NOT want a c/s, let alone induction so I understand your frustration.  I just keep telling myself as long as Delaney is born healthy, "MY" plans aren't so important.

    Keep us posted!



  • Good Luck!  And remember, induced with drugs, c-section or natural - the end result is the same, a beautiful healthy baby.  Its all good!

     I am so excited for you!

  • Good Luck, Peppernut! I hope that you do't end up with the induction and especially not the C-section but you need to do what is safest for you.  Hopefully, you'll be back back tomorrow telling us that all is well. If not, well you'll be back in a few days telling us all about your wonderful LO.
  • Aw... Peppa!  That's a bummer if you have to go early like that.

    But then again, it's all about what's good for you and the kiddo.  

    If I had my way, all babies would come during some miraculous moment when I peacefully nod off to sleep and wake up to a baby in my arms.   None of that Labor and Delivery crap!   Somehow, I doubt that will happen.


    Growing up way too fast!

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  • Sorry you're dealing with this.  Best of luck with the testing, and I hope you are able to get the birth you would like. 
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