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Pumping output question

I mainly pump for DD because we have been having issues with her eating enough at the breast.  However, the last time we had a before/after weight check, she ate 2 ounces! (Usually it is less than one).  Also, she seems to be more content during and after feedings lately so I think she is getting better at it. 

Last night, I went to pump after she ate and didn't even get .5oz.  Usually after this feeding, I will still get at least 1.5oz.  Does this mean she is eating more at the breast?  Does it work like that or was this just a fluke?  Am I getting excited over nothing?

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Re: Pumping output question

  • She could be eating more or you could have just had less milk at that time.  It sounds like you are doing well if she is content after a feeding though.  It's the best feeling :)

    My DD is 5 months old and I mainly bf, but when I'm not around I pump.  She is eating 5oz bottles right now and sometimes it seems like she needs even more, but I doubt she is getting that much from my breast.  I just feed her until she isn't interested.  There is really no way of knowing how much they are getting.

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