My time is creeping by...I'm getting anxious. — The Bump
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My time is creeping by...I'm getting anxious.

I am so anxious to see what life is going to be like to add a baby girl in my mix of men. I'm ready to meet her but there is still so much for us to do before she arrives so I guess I better cherish this time from now til Feb.

We can't even agree on a name....and the poor kid doesn't have a place to sleep. LOL!

Re: My time is creeping by...I'm getting anxious.

  • It'll come together and she will be here before you know it. At an adoption meeting recently, the speaker (who recently adopted a baby from Korea and has an older child, too) suggested that while waiting ... to make memories as a family now (whether with children already or just you and DH, etc.). He said to cherish the waiting time and use it to do things you might not be able to do as easily when the baby comes. I know your situation is different, but kind of similar in that you're waiting for a baby, too. :o) Congrats again!
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  • You are doing to do great!  I am sure adding a little girl is going to melt you DH!  I am sure it's going to be so fun with two little ones!

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  • Erica I didn't know you were expecting...congratulations!!! I'm sure your little princess will fit right in!
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  • we didn't decide on a name until about 3 weeks before baby was born, and I was a week over due, so we really cut it down to the wire!  you have plenty of time!  and new little girl is just going to ease right in with the rest of you!  but I agree, cherish the time you have now and just enjoy!!  So excited for you!
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