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Are there varying levels of GD?

I failed my 1-hour so badly yesterday that they're skipping the 3-hour and automatically diagnosing me with GD.  Are there varying levels of GD?  I won't be seeing the nutritionist and diabetes educator until Monday.  I'm reading as much as I can about it in the meantime, but I'm still a bit unnerved about them skipping right over the 3-hour test.


Re: Are there varying levels of GD?

  • Yes. Some of us have been diet controlled from the beginning (mild GD), some of us end up on medication, and some end upon insulin no matter what they do. Some ladies have GD that stays relatively controlled and some have numbers that get progressively worse as the pregnancy progresses. 
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  • That happened to me too. I've been monitoring my levels since last Thursday though, and other than the fasting numbers, it's been relatively easy to control them. I have found that the more protein I eat, the better the numbers are. It might be a good idea to try to avoid alot of carbs between now and your appointment as well. I was told to eat three meals per day with a mid-morning snack, afternoon snack, and bedtime snack. Try not to worry between now and your appointment on Monday and just make healthty choices when it comes to eating. Good luck!

    BTW - light exercise like walking has helped me control things too

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  • Yes and no. It's not like there are official "levels" of GD, but there is a wide variety in what it takes to control your numbers like beastmel says.

    There's no worry about skipping the 3 hour. You'll monitor your blood sugar 4x a day most likely, and that will tell you more than anything whether or not you need to be on the GD diet when you see how you react to certain foods. If you are really just borderline, then you'll be able to play around with the GD diet a bit more and still get good numbers.

    The most annoying part of the GD diet is that you have to eat so often and that you end up putting so much thought into your meal choices. But there are very few things that you'll have to avoid completely.

    - Jena
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