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Do you pump on a road trip?

Im taking a 10 hour trip and we are now leaving in the daytime versus the night which means I'm missing pump time. If I nurse her  during that time does that make up for the pumping or what? I guess I could buy batteries for the milk guns too though? Advice?
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Re: Do you pump on a road trip?

  • If I am nursing, I do not pump.  Is that what you are asking?  Do you never nurse?

    And yes, whenever we have taken long road trips, I have pumped in the car under a nursing cover and we just gave DS bottles so we didn't have to stop so I could nurse.

  • Yeah, I think if you are nursing in lieu of pumping, you are ok. It should stimulate your supply the same way. I might pump too though on the trip just so you can offer bottles if you want.
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  • I have a PISA and bought the car adapter, so I pump all the time in the car (while DH is driving), it's come in very handy!  Sometimes I will pull over to nurse her, it's really about what's convenient for us.  If it's been over 2 hours since I BF, I will just pump anyway.
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