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Fetal Fibronectin Test Vent (sorry long)

My background: DD#1 born at 30w5d, no problems throughout that pregnancy until delivery day, I had back pain all day but didn't think it was anything different than "just being pregnant" by the time I got to the hospital that day I was 9cm and DD was born 4 hours later.  No explaination for 30wk delivery, could be PTL or incomp. cervix.  This time around I had a cerclage placed at 14weeks and light duty at work. 

Yesterday I had a regular appt w/ my OB and told him I was having very mild and very irregular back cramping and some pelvic pressure.  He decided we should do the fFn test along with an exam.  The exam looked good, no softening, and cerclage still intact.  I was scheduled for an US next week and another check.  We both thought for sure I would go on and thought the fFn would come back neg.

Of course OB called yesterday and fFn was positive.  He wanted me to go to the hospital to be monitored.  I was there for less than 2 hours, they monitored me and no contractions.  I wasn't surprised, I don't feel contractions but very occasionally.  Although I'm a little scared b/c when I went to LandD with DD, contractions never did pick up on the monitor, they were talking about me possibly going home until they did an exam and found I was 9cm. 

Lastnight I was sent home for bedrest through today and can go back to work tomorrow.  I don't know, I guess all this is about how frustrated I am.  I hate that stupid test that told me Nothing, except a big reminder that this baby could come any day or she may hold off until 40wk.  I am going to take it more easy at work and home as much as possible but now I just feel so much more worried and concerned to do all this over again.  I am supposed to let the OB know if I feel any different, if the cramping gets worse or more frequent.  I hate there are no answers, everything is left to how I feel.  I worry I am more paranoid about my back pains and may be feeling things that aren't there or vice versa.  I know really nothing should be any different today than it was before the positive test, since the positive really doesn't tell us anything.  Although it all was a big wake up call to take things more slowily. 

 Today would have been such a more pleasant day had that stupid test come back negative!! 

On top of everything else, today was the first day my DD started with a new babysitter.  Since I went back to work in Feb, she has been with family only.  Things have changed for those family members and I had to reach out to someone I don't really know to care for my little girl.  It is killing me and really bad timing!

 Thanks for letting me vent!!  I knew if anyone could relate it would be you ladies here!  Thanks a ton!

Re: Fetal Fibronectin Test Vent (sorry long)

  • How frustrating.  I will send good thoughts your way that this baby stays put for a while longer.
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  • Wow.  I've never actually heard of someone testing positive on the fibronectin test and not delivering shortly thereafter.  What a pain in the butt!!!  So, they just kind of left you hanging out there?  You poor thing!  How completely stressful.  

    Vent all you need to.  I would be completely annoyed right now if I were you. And as far as daycare goes, I don't know what is more stressful....giving birth, or giving your baby over to someone else.  Whew.  I completely underestimated that one and totally feel your pain!  

    Sending prayers your way! 

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  • That is very frustrating.  I hope your LO stays put.  I went into PTL at 33 weeks and had a positive Ffn, but labor eased off with just under 2 days of procardia. Though I still have contractions all of the time, I have not progressed since then.  I am supposed to expect to go anytime, but I haven't yet, and it has been 3 weeks since the positive and the PTL scare.  I cannot imagine it being easy dealing with a similar situation with a child home already.  That is rough.  I will say a prayer for you.
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  • Even with your history- take some solace in that there are a million things that can make the fFN come back as a false positive.  

    The fact that he is only having you on bedrest for a day is reassuring barring any other issues coming up.  Keep an eye on how you are feeling.  I have had 2 positive ones- back into August, and I am still PG.   

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