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More on travel with an infant

So I didn't realize that you don't need the base for the infant car seat.... interesting! So it just is attached with a seatbelt then? And you all think I can gatecheck a car seat and a snap and go? Hmmm....

 The whole reason I wasn't going to do the above scenario is b/c I thought the infant car seat would be useless once we arrived in NJ (ie: Not being able to use it without the base). How many of you have acutally done this before? Is it a pain to take the whole carseat/snap and go through security? I guess it might be worth it if my parents dont' have to buy a car seat....

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Re: More on travel with an infant

  • We gate checked our Umbrella stroller and the big convertable car seat (in a car seat bag - on wheels!) and they never looked twice at us.  I can't imagine that they would get snippy about a snap and go and carrier.  I didn't know about installing the carrier without the base, but if you just snapped the carrier into the base when you gate checked it, I can't see the harm either. 
  • We've never gone without a base, but a friend of mine does.  Her LO is rarely in her DH's car, they almost always use her car, but in a pinch or if she wants to ride with a friend she just uses the seatbelt. 

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  • I know plently of people that do it without the base but i've never tried it. I actually traveled alone with Jack and snapped his infant seat into the stroller (like you would with your snap n go) and stored the base underneath the stroller in the basket. It was hard for me to get the seat on teh base and put the stroller thorugh securtiy. But i was also traveling alone and was dumb and wasnt wearing Jack.  I'd honestly put the base in the basket like i did and wear DS! And it will be so much less complicated if you have DH with you. I was able to manage but DS was sqirming to get down. Good luck and if you have anymore questions about traveling with an infant email me at akspriss at gmail dot com. Since i just did it the other week.
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  • I've used my infant seat w/o the base (just with the seatbelt) quite a few times & never had a problem. That might be easiest for you & takes care of your stroller need too.
  • You really don't have to have the base to use the car seat.  Check the manual for the seat and it will tell you how to use it without. 

    We flew with DD when she was 6 weeks and again when she was 3 months.  First time we didn't take the seat or the stroller because MIL had both for us to use when she picked us up at the airport.  I carried her around in an infant carrier and had not issues whatsoever going through security with it.  Second time we flew we took the seat and the stroller.  Gate checked the stroller paid for the extra seat for the plane and used the car seat without the base.  We had no issues going through security,  just folded up the stroller and put it through xray and the seat you turn upside down on the belt and send it through.  It's really not that big a deal.  

  • You and DH can each gate check an item, so you could gate check the seat and the stroller.
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    I've used my infant seat w/o the base (just with the seatbelt) quite a few times & never had a problem. That might be easiest for you & takes care of your stroller need too.

    This. Its really easy to install!

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