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talk to me about nipple shields......

Been BFing for almost 14 weeks and in the last couple of week my LO is doing something weird when latching and it HURTS!  I have tried releasing her and relatching but she relentlessly keeps doing whatever is hurting me.  Im so fed up but I don't want to stop BFing.  Does this sound like a good nipple shield situation?  If you use one, has it affected supply?  Does it bother you.  TIA!!

Re: talk to me about nipple shields......

  • I used one the first few weeks and it didn't affect my supply at all.  But I think you should try to figure out what your daughter is doing exactly, so you can dissuade her from doing it.  Just nipple shielding it won't help in the long run.
  • I would definitely see an LC but right now I use a nipple shield most times when I'm BFing.  It seems easier for him to latch and get a decent amount of milk (relatively speaking because I have a low supply).  We're working on getting him back up to a normal weight so I have to supplement with formula and that makes up most of his food but I BF before supplementing and use the nipple shield.  Once he is back up to a better weight and if I can get my supply up then I want to go see an LC again to ensure that he can latch on correctly without the nipple shield.
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