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Professional Babyproofing

Has anyone hired a professional babyproofer?  Have any recommendations?

I'm looking into it because today I saw a website where a little girl died from furniture falling on her-which led me to a long list of children that have died from the same thing.  It got to me because I 'knew' I should have anchored furniture to the wall, but just didn't realize how serious it was.  Then my mind wandered to what else is there that I'm missing.  I know it seems silly to hire a babyproofer when I should be able to do so myself, but I figure--it's money well spent.  I wouldn't think twice (and didn't two years ago) about hiring someone to install new granite countertops, so why would I not invest to ensure my little one is 100% safe?


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Re: Professional Babyproofing

  • I think the service is quite silly. But that is just my opinion. I have her dresser anchored. I have a few sockets pluged up. I have a gate at the top of the stairs (she STILL fell down them (twice) when I opened the gate-I step down then pick her up-easier on my bad back).

    Other than that I am with them all the time at home.

  • I get where you're coming from, but even a babyproofer can't ensure that your baby is 100% safe.  We still have a lot we could do to babyproof our house, but we can't babyproof it all, so we watch her like a hawk.  You kind of have to no matter what, so I feel like a lot of the babyproofing madness goes a little far.  Yes, if you have some wobbly furniture you should have it anchored, and you should get covers for your exposed outlets, but I'm not sure an "expert" needs to be brought in. 
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  • I didn't do this, but I would think that anyone you know with young kids could walk into your house and tell you where the dangers are. 

    Then again, different kids behave differently - my nephew comes to my house and gets into things my girls wouldn't dream of getting into.  So it depends on the personality of the kid.

    My method with #1 and so far with #2 (now that she's crawling) is to just put them on the floor and watch what they go for - and then make adjustments as you go.  Both my girls for some reason go right for our wine rack.  Not that I think they can open the wine, but they could certainly pull a full bottle down on top of their head... so we block that. 

    That said, I've had a kid go to the ER twice in one month - she hit her head on grandma's coffee table and DH shut the car door on her hand - so stuff still happens no matter what you do!

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