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Newbie with questions...

Hello my name is DD im 17 and this is my first pregnancy, so I really don't know much about these baby websites (even though I love it so far) and good hospitals ect. I've decided to have the baby (a boy) at Garden City (the only place my insurance covers besides providence) and I was just wondering if anyone else delivered there and how their experience went. Also I was wondering if anyone had some pediatricians that could rec. for the Farmington, Livonia, Redford area. Thank you

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  • Welcome! I am sorry I don't have any answers to your questions, but good luck!
  • I have a friend that delivered at Garden City Hospital 2 years ago, and her experience was not great. Can you choose to deliver at Providence Park in Novi? If so, I highly recommend delivering there or Providence Southfield, they are better equipped to deal with emergencies. Goodluck Hun!!
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  • My BIL had a terrible experience at Garden City Hospital.  Obviously he didn't give birth there but I would never go there.  Like the other poster said, go to Providence!
  • I delivered my boys there without a problem. This was 15 and 16 years ago though. I have heard more negative experiences than positive about them though.
  • I would highly recommend The ABC Unit @ Providence Southfield as the staff is great!!
  • My DH is working @ Garden City right now (he's a commerical plumber) & he said he wouldn't even take our dogs there.  On the other hand, I've heard terrific things about Providence Southfield- both their ABC & inside the hospital.
  • While they're not specifically pediatricians . .. . I''d recommend Livonia Family Physicians (handle all ages groups) . .they're located on Newburgh just past 6 mile across from Laurel Park Mall . .they're great and have Saturday and I think even Sunday hours!!  Plus I've never had an issue getting same day appointments when I've been sick.  Good luck.
  • I delivered at the ABC in Providence Southfield, and I think it's great.  But you have to be on board with a med-free birth, otherwise it's not for you.  But I've had friends deliver in the L&D in Providence and they had good experiences too. 

    On a side note (please don't be offended that I'm suggesting this based solely on your age), have you considered having a doula?  It might be a good way to help get some information during what might be a stressful time.  You can go to The Center For The Childbearing Year ( (it's in Ann Arbor) for more info.  I know they offer free doulas to younger moms sometimes too.  I wish you and your DS the best!

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