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Cold Weather

Last year, when DD was a newborn, we used a bundle me and a blanket over that if needed. I'd then carry her in her car seat to the car.

This year, she's in a Britax and you can't have many layers on in the car seat. So coats/jackets are out. What do you guys do w/ babies that age? I do have a blanket I can put over her once I buckle her in, but she throws it off. I put shoes and a hat on but I worry it won't be warm enough. I can turn the car on to warm it up but once it gets cold, it'll take a long time.

What about nighttime? I just looked up HALO sleepsack and I don't even see any sizes for a 12-18mo old.  I do use blankets but DD moves around so much, she ends up w/out a blanket on her.

We have a warm mist humidifier we plan to use but that may not be warm enough.

Re: Cold Weather

  • oh this looks promising for sleeps sacks




  • Take the coat on and off, or just wrap it around her for the trip to and from the car.

    DS sleeps in fleece footed pajamas.  Last winter he slept in footed pajamas and two sleep sacks.  We'll have to see if he seems cold this winter.  They do make sleep sacks for toddlers:

    but I'm going to wait until winter actually rolls around.  I'd rather not use one if I don't have to.


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  • for in the car, can you put on her coat backwards once she's in the car seat? obviously you wouldn't be able to zip it up, but if you put her arms through the sleeves and the rest of it was covering her like a blanket, maybe that would work?

    of course if it had a hood that might not be a good idea but maybe you could tuck the hood in so it wouldn't be in the way.

    I have no idea if that would work, I just thought of it...

  • I was just thinking about this this morning as I was putting DD into the car. I have been putting a blanket on her. I tuck it in ,except her arms, and just give her a bunch of toys to play with to distract her from kicking it off.

    I just bought her some fleece footed pj from old navy and gap and hopefully those will work at bedtime. She sleeps with a blanket but that is more for security than warmth.


  • I know they have ponchos just for this - the carseat straps can go under the poncho.  I can try and look up the website where my sister got hers that we borrowed.  I also used a thin fleece lined jacket and we were still able to tighten the straps very securely. I think the big problem is the very bulky coats where there is quite a bit of room for the coat to compress in an accident and then they aren't really strapped in securely. 


    ETA:  Here is the carseat poncho website.

  • We have a garage so that will help having a not-as-cold car on cold mornings.  I also just bought a poncho for her (not carseat specific) - it's so cute. 

    I'm not sure about the crib.  I loved sleepsacks for when she was younger, but they won't work now - she'll try to stand in them.  So fleece footed sleepers plus do my best with baby blankets is the current plan.

  • the problem with fleece is that it's polyester and DD's allergist suggests she only wear cotton

    thanks for all the suggestions!

  • Sofka, she can wear a tight-fitting, lighter cotton onesie or sleeper under a larger fleece sleeper. 
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