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How to boost Breastmilk supply??

I know fenugreek is recommended as is mother's milk tea.

But I've heard oatmeal is also helpful, but what kind?  Can you tell me if it's old fashioned oatmeal or instant or any old kind?


Re: How to boost Breastmilk supply??

  • I think oatmeal of any kind.  but for me at least, WATER WATER WATER, like seriously 100+ ounces a day.  Also I notice that my supply goes down when I am not eating enough calories, so make sure you are snacking throughout the day.  good luck, I know how frustrating it is!
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  • and I just noticed your baby is about 3 months old.....I had a drop in my supply with both boys at 3 months.  the first time I thought it was cuz I went back to work and was pumping and getting busy and not eating/drinking enough.  but I didn't go back to work this time.  And one of my girlfriends who has a 3 month old is going through the same I wonder if its a stage.  anyway, good luck!
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  • ditto Heather on water and calories.  I have to make sure I'm eating enough or my supply really drops.  I just eat regular oatmeal (the 5 minute cooking kind), or steel cut oats, but I think any kind works, including cookies :-)

  • Are you experiencing a decrease while pumping?  Or do you EBF?  If your baby is just eating a lot more and you don't feel as "full" it might just be a growth spurt. 

    If you pump, you might need to add another session.

    Dark beer, oatmeal, water, etc... are all good for increasing supply

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  • no pumping here, exclusively BFing.  it's not a growth spurt, just went thru that about a week ago.  i just never feel full anymore & DD feeds every 1 1/2-2 hrs during the day & has dropped the amt of time she sleeps overnight from 5-6 hrs to 2 1/2-3 hrs.  needless to say i am stressed out, exhausted, worried about the situation.  she does have plenty of wets and dirty diapers tho.


    just ate my fisrt bowl of oatmeal in my entire life.....drak beer sounds good too ;)

  • Honestly, that sounds like a growth/developmental growth spurt to me.  It's very normal for a baby to eat more/sleep less the first year as they hit different milestones and are learning and growing so quickly.  Also, as your supply regulates, you won't feel as full as you did in the beginning, but you're still making milk.   Stress and lack of sleep will decrease supply too, so try to relax, take a nap if you can and eat/drink a lot.  You can call a LC as well, but if she is having wet/dirty diapers and is gaining weight, you probably don't have a supply issue.  Good luck!


  • honestly, if she has plenty of wet/dirty diapers it is most likely something else. 

    have you ever heard of the book "the wonder weeks"?  She might just be working on a physical/emotional development that is causing her to want to nurse more...

    Jen & T.J. 6.17.06 BabyBlog * my chart *
    Joseph Henry was born at home on March 9, 2009
    Nora Mae was born at home on October 30, 2011
  • thanks for all your words of wisdom and your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    we are running off to the pedi today just mainly for my own mental health as this lil girl does not like to nap and is not sleeping well.  this mommyhood is so freaking hard it's really insane (or am I just the insane one at this point ;)

  • I EBF DS for 13 months, and I noticed this several times. It was two things... growth spurts and also my supply regulating.  You won't feel as full as you did in the beginning, but you're still making milk.   Just try not to stress over it, and eat/drink a lot.

     If it is still a concern, make an appointment to the LC or visit a mommy and me class and maybe they can help.

  • I have saved this posting for a while now....


    I came across this on the nest baby and thought it would be useful for you mommies to be or new mommies....


    BF Moms, Lactation Bars to help supply

    From: julienandy julienandy is online. Last active: 3/4/2008 1:13:14 PM
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    Date: 3/4/2008 at 11:30 AM
    I came across this at the Northside Group...and they are yummy. Even husbands like them! For those who are having supply issues and/or working/pumping, make a batch and enjoy!

    MamaJeeper's Oatmeal Lactation Breakfast Bars
    2 c. butter, Crisco, or margarine (can mix and match to
    equal 2 c.)
    1 c. granulated sugar
    2 c. packed brown sugar
    4 eggs
    1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
    1 tsp. salt
    2 tsp. baking soda
    2 1/2 c. flour
    1/2 c. wheat germ
    1/4 c. brewer's yeast or nutritional yeast powder
    1/4 c. flax meal (or whole flaxseed milled fine in a coffee
    4 c. oatmeal (old fashioned, or as thick-cut as you can find)
    1 bag mini semi sweet chocolate chips
    1 c. nuts (optional)

    Cream butter and sugars well, then add eggs and vanilla and beat
    until well incorporated. Mix all dry ingredients except for oats in
    separate bowl, then add all at once and stir in as well as possible
    by hand before mixing with beaters until smooth. Add oats and chips
    (and nuts, if desired), and stir until well blended. Divide dough
    into five parts and line a 10x7 cookie sheet (with shallow sides,
    like a jellyroll pan) with foil, then spray foil with nonstick spray.
    Spread 1/5 of the dough into the foil-lined pan and bake for 20
    at 350 degrees. When done, simply lift out the bars by the
    foil and place another piece of foil into the pan and spray for the
    next batch. Allow to cool at least slightly before cutting each pan
    of bars into eighths. Makes 40 bars.

    I made them with 1c. butter and 1 c. butter flavor crisco. I found
    the oatmeal, yeast and flaxmeal at Whole Foods.


  • sigkapbride..thanks for the recipe- I went to whole foods this afternoon and stocked up on the supplies.  I plan to make the bars tomorrow! 
  • I never made them so let me know if they taste good:)
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