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Those with older kids... Meg

My cousin's little girl is turning 4 this weekend and she is apparently really into arts and crafts. Her mom said markers, stickers, play-doh, etc. Any ideas on toys/ activities your kids are really into?? There is so much out there to choose from.
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Re: Those with older kids... Meg

  • ::butting in::  I remember when my oldest niece was 4 she absolutely LOVED stickers - any kind of stickers, but animal ones and sparkly ones were the best.  I found a Halloween Wonder Pets sticker book the other day, but T doesn't want to put them in the book, she wants to wear them, hee.  :)
  • I have a four year old and she loves anything artsy: stickers, those foam sticky-pieces, coloring books, paint, chalk, anything sparkly is a hit!
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  • Also, it sounds totally random but we bought her a pack of sparkly pipe cleaners a few weeks ago when it was raining and she seriously played with them for HOURS!  Best two bucks I ever spent!
  • We got this for our niece for her 4th b-day: and the paper to go with it:

    It was inexpensive, and she LOVES it. 


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  • A is 3 1/2 and is in LOOOOOVEEE with stickers, markers and plain construction paper. Stickers of any kinds. And paint at school.
  • They have lots of "kits" at Hobby Lobby.  I'd get something there.  The foam stickers are great.  Glitter paint pens (made by crayola) are great.  They have them at Hobby Lobby too (in the back of the store)
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