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Best texas-style BBQ place?

My sis & her FI are coming to town and we want to hit up a yummy BBQ place.  Any recs?? TIA!

Re: Best texas-style BBQ place?

  • In FW, our favorites are Railhead, Cousins, and Angelos.
  • We love Rudy's in Frisco.  It is right off the tollway on the North side.  I really love the smoked Brisket and the creamed corn. 
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  • I second Rudy's.

    And, OMG, I can't believe Miss C. is 9 months old!!

  • Mmm, I love bbq! We like Railhead, Rudy's, Spring Creek.

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  • Rudy's ... hands down.  My parents live 3 minutes from the original one in SA.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 
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  • Rudy's!!

    There is one off 35 here in Denton as well!

  • We love Red, Hot & Blue!  It's Memphis style BBQ & it's fantastic.
  • thanks!  Looks like we're gonna head to Rudy's!  Which is excellent since we're in Frisco.  And a Double Dip stop on the way home...yum!
  • imagekatherinemichel:

    Hard 8 in Coppell

    I've never eaten there.....I've heard good things as well.  And, that's where my DCP works in the mornings.  It's right down the street from her house.

  • I was going to say Hard 8 too - but you leave there smelling like BBQ :P
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  • I LOVE Hard 8 (used to work at the one in Stephenville throughout college) I guess leaving smelling like it doesn't phase me :)
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