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Pediatrician's in Arcadia, CA area

Even though my edd is Oct 11, 09 - I am starting to look around for a pediatrician. My family told me to take recommendations from my OB or hospital nurses.

 Are there any local ones you can recommend? They can be around the are as well. TIA

Re: Pediatrician's in Arcadia, CA area

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    We picked Dr Francisco Rivera in Pasadena. Connected to Huntington Hospital. We met him and had a brief interview. We really liked him and the Ped's at this location.





  • Our pediatrician is Dr. Dena Mechoso who is on the pediatric board with Huntington Hospital. Her office is located in Arcadia, across the street from Arcadia Methodist. We couldn't have been more happier with our decision to go with her after. I don't have her office info with me except for her office number (626)447-3516.

    HTH and congrats!

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  • THANK YOU to both ladies! It is appreciated Big Smile
  • We have Dr. Pamela Lee in Arcadia, CA. ?We delivered in at Arcadia Methodist and she came highly recommended by our OB and by the nurses who helped deliver our son.


    Good Luck!


  • We use Dr. Annemarie Fanselau in the same office as Dr. Mechoso and love her! We have also seen Dr. Arya when Fanselau was not in and thought she was great as well. The office staff there is very friendly and so far we have had no problem getting appointments when we need them. Here is the website with contact information:


    Congratulations and good luck!


  • Don't know if you already choose a pedi or not, but ours is Dr. Kenneth Huang.  His office is in the medical building across from Arcadia Methodist Hospital.  His website:
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