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New to board...need some perking up

We just yesterday received the results of our first trimester screening.  The ultrasound looked good but the bloodwork shows that we have a 1 in 7 chance of having a baby with Down Syndrome.  So we decided to go ahead and have an amnio done next week.  I am scared, depressed and having a hard time thinking about anything else.  How do I get through this?  Has anyone else gone through this?

No matter what this is our baby and I will love it more than anything.

Re: New to board...need some perking up

  • Hi! First of all, welcome, and second - hugs for you!!

    I understand how you must be feeling right now. I think you should continue to stay positive, no matter the result.

    DH and I went through something similar, although related to CF, but everything turned out to be OK. DS was born happy and healthy :)) All throughout the process, I just believed in my heart that DS was going to be ok - either way.

    I do hope that your LO is healthy, but regardless, I am sure you will be a wonderful mommy :))

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  • My DD has Ds. I felt the same way you did when we found out there was a possibitlity that we were facing it. Everything you are feeling is normal and understandable. All you can do is try and relax and wait. Its so hard, but being stressed and worried won't change the outcome, its either there or its not. I don't mean for that to come off harshly either. You can feel free to ask my any questions. I had an amnio at 17 weeks and we got our FISH results a little over 48 hours later. Then full results a week later. Good luck with your amnio, and this board is great for support! I would also recommend checking out the boards, they have an anmio board and a Ds pregnancy and Ds board. Those ladies are great too.
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  • Hi and welcome to the board. I wish you good luck with the test. And try to stay positive! I know it is much easier said then done. I will be thinking of you and your family
  • I have gone through it.  The first trimester screen on my DD #2 was very abnormal (the ultrasound portion).  In fact my perinatalogist (a high risk OB, I was high risk for an unrelated reason) didn't even run the bloodwork the ultrasound was so abnormal (like a 4.7 when anything over a 2.5 is abnormal).

    The ratios we were given were 1 in 6 for Down Syndrome and 1 in 14 for T18 or T13.  We had a normal CVS and after that bad ultrasound everything else looked good (anatomy scans, fetal echo etc).  My DD was born this past
    June and appears to be a typically developing child.

    Best of luck to you, hang in there, stay strong.  Whatever happens you will get through this.  This too shall pass.  Hugs!

  • Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words.  I really need it today!
  • {{HUGS}} and good luck. Sending positive vibes your way. I'm sorry you're going through this.
  • I went through the same thing.  Had the amnio at 16 weeks (the anticipation is the worst part of it, I promise!).  Her results were perfect & so is she!  Good luck & hang in there.
  • My bff had a 1 in 6 chance of a baby with DS from her screenings and her dd was born without it. She did have a 2 vessel umbilical cord during pregnancy and was born with torticollis and hip dysplagia which are both resolved and she has no residual problems. GL to you!
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