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I'm going to be in a research study

My MFM is running a study on causes of premature birth, and I signed up to participate at my appointment today.  The study is looking for problems in the placenta that cause a variety of problems including pre-term labor, abruptions, and pre-e.  I think I'm a little more excited than is warranted, but I'm happy that maybe I can help do something--even if it is just donating a little blood.

Re: I'm going to be in a research study

  • I too participated in a study when I had my son. I had pre-eclampsia with him and he was born at 32 wks. I was asked if it was ok that they draw 5 tubes of blood and take my placenta to study it and research the causes of pre-eclampsia and so on. I was more than happy to agree and I am really hoping that it helps with the research.
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  • That's really neat!
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  • Yeah!  Good for you. That is great.  I wish I could have been studied...
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