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I had no idea you were on the bump miss thing. :) Does Kat know this? She makes constant fun of me for being on a message board, but I told her no all the cool kids are doing it. I hope you come around more often, I can't believe how close you are to having baby Jack. 

Sophia Kate 3.31.08 BabyFruit Ticker

Re: ChefHeather

  • Hey Gigi!!! I've been on the trimester boards for a while but am new to this one. How's Miss Sophia?? Love the pumpkin photo! LOL about Kat... though now that she's on facebook and has a blog, I think message boards are the next logical step, right?

    We just had another u/s today and Jack is measuring a couple weeks ahead- so he could be here around Thanksgiving. Crazy!




  • Thanks for the photo comp! Sophia is doing great, it is hard to believe she will be 18 months this week. I want to just stop time because she is growing up way too fast.

    Holy cow that is crazy that he could be here that soon, a turkey baby would be wonderful though. :)

    Sophia Kate 3.31.08 BabyFruit Ticker
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