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F/U Baby Sitting Co-op

I would love to do this with my friends and I have a few who I know would be interested, but how on earth does this work for you all, especially with toddlers?

I can only imagine the tons of fun it would be when we got home after I had to wake them both up to get them in the car. ?Kylie probably would not want to go back to sleep and Caroline wouldn't either and both would be up at least another hour and be uber-cranky.

It is almost worth it to me to pay someone to not have to deal with that!

Do your kids just fall back asleep or how does it end up working?

Re: F/U Baby Sitting Co-op

  • Maybe if one of your friends had a younger baby they could just watch them at your house?  I'm not sure.  We've left Eli at MIL's before late and had to wake him up and had the same problem.  So we usually just let him spend the night now.  Not an option with friends though.  Hmm...

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  • My kids are both pretty easily transferable once good and asleep. I'd just nurse Caroline again to get her back to bed if she wanted to wake up too much.
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  • We have only attempted afternoon date "nights"! Keira would never go to sleep without me putting her down, and it would be a bear to try and get her to sleep after she has been woken up. We went to a movie the first time in the afternoon, and we are going to an early dinner when my parents are here. Also, every time we leave Keira it is at our house. My friend who watched her before is pregnant so we'll see how it will work when they are outside babies! haha
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  • I think it would have to be an afternoon/early evening type thing for us too.  Although we've only done it once or twice and it's been o.k. for getting Cam back to bed, in general, we just try to be home not too too long after her bedtime so I don't think a 9 pm movie type of thing would work for us. 

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