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Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney - great appt!

DS #2 was dx at 22w in utero with Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney (Left kidney).  Sometime during his development in utero, the left kidney didn't develop properly and we knew that he would have some testing after birth to see what function, if any, the left kidney had, and to make sure that the right was working properly.

When he was 3 days old (9/4), we went and had a VCUG and renal u/s done.  The VCUG checked for reflux from his bladder back to his kidney - which was negative.  Apparently, yhat's the most common problem.  They did see a small remnant (~2cm) of his left kidney.  We had a nuclear study today, which involved an IV (in his head...) and him being cathed again.  They injected him with radioactive dye and traced the path through the kidney, then they injected Lasix to watch the kidney and bladder drain.  He did well (although seeing him taped down with a needle in his head was not fun).  He slept through most of the imaging, which was ~45 min.

We got the best possible news we could have.  The right kidney is functioning virtually at 100% (97.3).  The Left has a small amount (2.7%), but is so small that the doctor doesn't foresee any surgery.  We don't have to have anything else done for another 6 months (a follow up u/s - to check status of the left and make sure it's not getting bigger, etc.).

I haven't posted on this board often (just in posts mainly related to Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney), but I'm so relieved  and thankful and just had to share.  I know there's been a post or two about MCDK lately, and I wanted to let some of those mommies know of our experience today.


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Re: Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney - great appt!

  • That is great news!  After 3 years of MCDK including a nephrectomy, we just got deemed completely 100%'s a great feeling! 


  • Hi Sara, this is great news, it made my day to hear your little guy is ok.  Thanks so much for sharing....  my baby also has a left mulitcystic kidney, and he will be born in 3 months.  The tests you describe sound a little scary but it is good to know what to expect so I can prepare myself for it. 

    To the mom who got a healthy 3 year checkup after surgery (my baby's left kidney hasn't shrunk so far so he made need surgery too) - I'm so happy for you too and it's a relief to know that another little guy out there is going to be just fine. 


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