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Had my baby 9/2

I been so busy that have not had time to post my birth story. My baby was 2 weeks late so I had to be induced. It was a very painful but amazing experience. I came to the hospital 9/2 at 7:30am to be induced, but they didn't give me the pitocin at 9am. After two hours it started kicking in and was in real pain. I started off with a drug and it made my eyes blurry. The drug made me get sick. It did work good though for an hour. The doctor came in around lunch time to break my water. After that the pain was really coming on. I then asked for the epidural. It felt like the guy took forever to come in to give it to me.The epidural didn't hurt at all. It didn't last for long though. My doctor came in to check to see how I was coming along around 6:30pm and he told me I was ready to go. By then the epidural wore off. The doctor started having me push at 6:45. After almost 2 hours of pushing he still wouldn't come out. Finally they brought in the suction cup and vaccumed him right out. At 8:46pm Patrick Roswell was born. He was 9.2lbs and 21 inches long. He came out perfect. I couldn't believe how adorable he was.



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Re: Had my baby 9/2

  • Hey! Great day to be born...that's my birthday...9/2. Handsome lil man you have there. Congratulations!
  • What a sweet little baby!  He is just adorable. :)
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