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What type of toothbrush do you use to brush your LOs teeth? We still use the little rubber finger toothbrush. I was curious when i should switch to a real toothbrush. Age or the number of teeth they have?

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  • We use an age 0-2 toothbrush (Target and Walmart have them). Ainsley is almost 16 months and has 8 teeth. We started using this kind of brush around 14 months.
  • We actually started ike on a toddler toothbrush when he was around 7 months old.  He loves brushing his teeth :o)
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  • IDK what specific brand it is, but we got it from Target and there's a pic of Diego on it. Nothing too fancy. When he gets a little older I hope to get a battery powered one for him. Hopefully that will make brushing a little easier. It's not that he doesn't like it, he just clamps down on it and wants to suck all the toothpaste off.
  • We have a firefly one. It lights up/flashes for a minute so I know how long to brush her teeth. If I left it up to my timing, I wouldn't brush long enough.
  • I posted before about T previously not letting me brush her teeth.  Now we are using a Hello Kitty electric one and she LOVES it.  I start with saying "let mommy brush your teeth first then you can"  She lets me do it and then she "brushes" herself.  
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  • Ok maybe I need to get a real tooth brush instead of the plastic one.  DS barely has two teeth though. :(
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