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how did you chose your daycare?

Morning ladies!  I need to start looking for a daycare and was did you choose the daycare you ended up at?  We'll be taking a day to visit some places, but what are some of the key things you looked for when choosing a daycare?  And if you don't mind sharing...which daycare did you chose?


Re: how did you chose your daycare?

  • First I got referrals from everyone/anyone that I know.  Then I did research on the web at

    Then I went and visited the ones that I was interested in.

    We ended up going to the same place that my SIL takes her two children:

    Good luck in finding a place. After I visited our DC, I just knew that I wanted DD to go there. I fell in love with the ppl and place.  I walked out wanting to work there after my tour.

  • thanks for the response!  I feel so clueless...I've been asking everyone I know! Thanks for the links too...really appreciate it!
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  • I called the count and they gave me a list of all the in-home daycares in my area.  I started to call down the list, and any that I liked on the phone, I then visited.

     I also searched them out online to see if anyone was saying anything about them, good and bad.

    It's very difficult and feel your pain in finding 'the one' but go with your gut.  You will know as soon as you meet them.  There was one that I started to cry as soon as I walked into her house.  I knew she wasnt for me and my family.  Def check their references.  Good luck!

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