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Need OB Rec for Henry Ford Westbloomfield!

I have a friend that just got her BFP and she is looking for a great OB recommendation that delivers out of HFWB. She perfers an OB that has experience with High Risk Pregnancies. She lives in Canton, willing to drive no more than 20-25 mins for appts. Also, there is a Dr Mangat that works out of Henry Ford Medical Center in Canton and Plymouth, Has anyone used her before? I can't seem to find any info on the web about her.

Thanks in Advance for your help:)

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Re: Need OB Rec for Henry Ford Westbloomfield!

  • Women's Health Care Physicians! They are located at 15 & Maple in W. Bloomfield. There are 5 OB's and they are all great :)

    They get you right in for early appts, early u/s's and are very pro-active......I don't think they are considered "high-risk" doctors......she would need to see an MFM for that. Why is she high risk already?

    They are very, very thorough and always err more on the conservative side.

    I have been seeing them since I was 20......they delivered my DS and will be delivering this baby in 6 weeks :)

    Here is their number:


    My favorites in the practice are:

    Dr. Obron (male), Dr. Cornelius (female) and Dr. Markowitz (male). The other two are Dr. Campbell (female) and Dr. Gordinier (female).....they are great as well....... 


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  • We're going to the Mid-wives through Henry Ford Medical Center, we see Patricia Scane. I know there is also an OB in the practice for High Rick patients but I haven't met her, so I don't know how she is, but I highly recommend setting up a consultation (my insurance paid for it), and finding one who makes her feel safe and comfortable and is willing to go along with her birth plan. Good Luck and Congratulations to your friend! HFWB is an AMAZING hospital and I'm really looking forward to delivering there myself!
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