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Pitocin Suck's, but having your baby is amazing..

At 42 weeks I went to the hospital to be induced at 8am. They started the Pitocin at 9am. I had been having random contrax. the night before, nothing close or consistant. After 2 hours on pitocin my water broke at 4 cm. I was stuck at 4 cm for 2 hours so they upped the Pitocin to the max. amount allowed. My contrax. were horrible, 2 minutes apart with hardly enough time to breath in between. I finally asked for something to take the egde of the the contrax. when I found out I was still at a 4, they gave me Stadol?? I believe.. it was horrible. I felt like I was high and could still feel every contraction, I could not focus on DH when I tried to look at him and did not trust myself to talk because I felt really self conscious. All I could do was sit there quietly and wait for it to ware off. It was a horrible feeling. About an hour and a half later I finally felt normal again, but the contractions were killing me. Still 2 minutes apart and 4 cm I asked for an epi around 5 pm. It took forever for them to get there. I was in so much pain and to me, getting the epi in that much pain was horrible to try and sit there and be still. I was shaking and holding on to DH for dear life. The Epi did hurt, but quickly went away. I could no longer feel the contractions, but I could still move and feel my legs, but they were tingling. It was very nice to be able to relax and breath. At that time I finally let visitors take turns coming in to say a quick hello. By the time eveyone got there chance 2 hours flew by. The nursing staff was changing shifts, on her way out the nurse told me I was at 5 cm and should deliver sometime in the early morning hours. This was at 7 pm. I told DH to go get something to eat because it would be a while. My mom and Dad kept me company, as they were talking I started to feel the contrax stronger and stronger every few minutes, I called the nurse ASAP because it felt like every minute the pain was increasing. My new nurse told me that the nurse leaving just told her I was at a 5, so she took her time coming in. 2 minutes later I called her again and asked for another epi stat, my pain level was at a 10. She came in and checked and said, "Wow, your at 10 cm, let me call the doctor so we can start pushing." It was to late to get any more pain meds, so I felt EVERYTHING by that time. I had to call DH back ASAP and he came in 2 minutes later with the doctor and I started pushing. I pushed for fifteen minutes and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. The doctor said her head was stuck and she had to give me an episiotomy. 3 pushes later and she was out. Khloe Nicole was born at 8:20pm on Aug. 3 8lbs. 2 oz. 23 inches long. We didnt know the sex of the baby, so when I finally saw her and I heard them say that she was a girl, it was the most amazing feeling. She is the best thing that ever happend to us and makes every day worth the labor...

 If I have any advice for 3rd tri it would be about the first week after labor. You go through so many emotions, I was so happy one moment and crying the next and I wasnt even sure why. The first time I went out in public after labor, I felt like it had been months. I felt very alone and I had so much support, there was NO reason to feel that way. Your body goes through so much during labor and it takes a week or two to recover from it, sometimes longer. No one ever tried to describe what I would feel and go through PP. Just know that it is all normal and it will go away soon.

Also if you are planning to BF, it is not always natural and easy. We had a lot of latching issues and it felt like it took for ever for my milk to come in. I felt like I was starving my baby, I felt like it was my fault she wasn't latching and you feel so guilty. Get help and ask questions before you leave the hospital. It's much harder once you are home and there is no one to ask.

 Sorry so long and so many typo's. Good Luck to Everyone!!

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Re: Pitocin Suck's, but having your baby is amazing..

  • cute congrats
  • She's so cute!!  Love her beautiful hair.  Congrats!  :)
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  • what a great story!  congrats on the healthy delivery of your baby girl :)
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