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Where to buy used Maternity Winter Coat?

Hi fellow Detroit girls! I am due in April with my first and it has occurred to me that I will be spending a great deal of my bigger bellied months freezing through winter! I don't think my current coat will get me too far. Any suggestions of where I can find a nice one second hand in the area or where they are cheaper. I don't want to spend over a hundred dollars on a coat I may never wear again. Thanks for your help!

Re: Where to buy used Maternity Winter Coat?

  • Have you checked out the baby resale shop in Northville?  They have maternity clothes.
  • There's also a maternity resale shop on Woodward between Birmingham and Royal Oak called "slightly pregnant" I haven't been there, but I've heard good things.
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  • I just got a jacket one size bigger as I was due in March 07 & April 09!!
  • Oldnavy online also has maternity coats for a reasonable price.  They just had a 40% off sale on maternity clothes so maybe watch for another sale soon.
  • Get those wraps you see now at Kohls - they are great for pregnant women. I am due in April too and that's what I'm going to do - they are warm and allow for growth when buttons/zippers won't due it anymore.

    My ex-sister in law was due in March when she was pregnant and she used those wraps - much more inexpensive too!



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  • I was pregant during the winter and able to wear my regular winter coats.  You might want to just buy a nice peacoat...it will still fit over your belly and if it doesn't you can just undo the bottom two or three buttons.

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