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Any VBAC moms out there?

I also posted this on the third trimester board...thought I would try here too...

I am going to try one...I'm getting nervous and scared. It's been almost 7 1/2 years since my emergency c-section, so I'm sure I will be okay. Sometimes I think I'm more nervous about having another baby in general...a VBAC just kinda adds to it. I keep thinking just what if I fall into the 1% unlucky ones?

Has anyone out there had one or know of anyone that had one? How was the experience?

Re: Any VBAC moms out there?

  • I am a VBAC hopeful and will be delivering in November.  There are a lot of stories on this board (ok, not a lot, but some!) You might want to scroll through a few pages to see if you find them.

    I hear you about being nervous.  No one wants to be in that less than 1%.  My doula reminded me that there are many other complications that are much more likely (not that THAT makes you feel better, but the point being, people focus on the rupture and not on things that are more likely to happen.)

    I am delivering in a hospital with a midwife where they are able to do an emergency c-section if needed.  My midwife has a ton of experience with VBACs.  She said that they either go very well, or they never go into labor and end up with a repeat C-section, which I am fine with if that is how it happens.  I just have to think good thoughts!

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  • I had a VBAC in August (I posted my story on here a while ago) and it was SO much better than a c/s.  I know it can be scary, but know there are risks with an ERCS too.  If you have any questions or need support or anything please feel free to PM me!
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  • See my med-free VBAC story below.  It was awesome and SO worth it!!
  • I had a successful VBAC. Your chances of uterine rupture are the same of a complication with a section. It's a much nicer experience and recovery and I'm going VBAC again with #3!
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