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I saw your question below. My OB did the stripping because the baby is getting increasingly large, (my DH was 12 lbs at 40 weeks) and I want to avoid a C-section unless absolutely necessary. DD's lungs are fully developed, and she has dropped, so my doctor has no problem trying to naturally stimulate the labor. If the baby gets close to 8 lbs, vaginal delivery won't be an option for me. (I have a small frame) Thus, we're trying to move things along. Big Smile

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  • Good reason!!!  I was just wondering because I remember asking my midwife if she'd strip mine & she said no.  I was bitter.  ;)  Good luck!!!

  • Thanks! A lot of midwives won't do them (and OB's for that matter too) because it can be very painful and it's not guaranteed to move things along. (Here I am 24 hours later, and outside of being completely thinned out and 4cm dialated we aren't making any progress- boo) In theory, it could just make you miserable with no benefit. It only works about 50% of the time. I bet she was trying to save you the discomfort, but I would totally be bitter too! Big Smile
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